All of our models have up to date TAM cards which allows them to provide you with any bar or cocktail service.

Nightlife Entertainment & Nightclubs

We are your entertainment PARTNER, & will work with you to create the perfect entertainment or show for one event or full time entertainment.

Check out the photos below for samples of the array of projects and performers we've had our hands on. From family friendly to things that might make you blush - all presented with style, taste & just a bit of naughty.

We can also manage your projects and events. Our management team is an exceptional group and will provide a stress-free work environment.

  • Nightclub Costumes

    Costumes for 1 night or an ongoing program

    We have 1000's of garments in our warehouse of eccentric costumes, or take advantage of our design services to create something custom. Either way it is a win-win for you! We will style our talent to fit perfectly into any theme.

    Las Vegas Nightlife Entertainment Company
  • Nightclub Entertainment & Specialty Acts

    Thinking outside of the box & setting our own trends is the way we roll at GlamRus.

    Not just entertainment, but like all great art, entertainment that sets the mood, causes a reaction and gives your audience something to talk and tweet about.

    Nightclub Specialty Acts Las Vegas
  • Gogo & Atmosphere Models

    Men & women not boys & girls.

    We treat our talent like family. Because of this, our talent will live every moment with you & your guests and explode with energy as they perform.

    Nightlife Entertainment Gogo Dancers
  • Nightlife Entertainment Company
    Nighlife Entertainment Talent
  • Las Vegas Nighlife Atmosphere talents
    Nighlife Atmosphere Talent
  • Las Vegas Grinder Girl
    Nightlife Specialty Acts
  • Night Life Entertainment Company Las Vegas
    Gogo Dancers

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